Beautiful charms (30mm, 1.2in) made of laser-cut acrylic.
Mixed colors.

These beautiful pieces are both insightful and beautiful. Use them for your necklaces, bookmarks, keychains, and other creations! 

- Each measure approx. 30mm (1.2inch) wide.
- 2mm or 3mm (0.08 - 0.12in) thick.
- You will receive 10 mixed color charms.
- Choose the English or Spanish version.
- You will receive only ONE version (english or spanish).
Check out our other creations! We have stunning designs and colors. 
Note: Because we care for sustainability, all of our products are made in an environmentally-friendly manner by making sure we don't contribute to air pollution while using the laser machine and having the remains of unused acrylic material properly recycled in a specialized plant.

Hermosos dijes(30 mm, 1.2 pulgadas) hechos de acrílico cortado con láser.
Colores mezclados.

Estas hermosas piezas son reflexivas y hermosas a la vez. ¡Úsalos para sus collares, marcadores, llaveros y otras creaciones!

- Cada medida aprox. 30 mm (1,2 pulgadas) de ancho.
- 2 mm o 3 mm (0.08 - 0.12in) de espesor.
- Recibirás 10 amuletos de colores mixtos.
- Elija la versión en inglés o español.
- Solo recibirá UNA versión (inglés o español).
¡Dale un vistazo a nuestras otras creaciones! Tenemos hermosos diseños y colores.
Nota: Porque nos preocupamos por la sostenibilidad, fabricamos nuestros productos con conciencia ambiental. Nos aseguramos de no contribuir a la contaminación del aire al usar la máquina láser y que los restos de material acrílico no utilizado se reciclen adecuadamente en una planta especializada.

We usually ship in 1-2 weeks after the order is placed.
For USA orders, we ship them from Venezuela to FL, USA, and then from FL through USPS domestic shipping, we only provide this USPS tracking number. THIS PROCESS MAY TAKE UP TO A MONTH. If you want to receive the order sooner, please contact us, so we can ship them directly from Venezuela via DHL to you, please keep in mind the shipping price rises up to about $25 USD and the shipping time is about 2 weeks.
For international orders, we ship them via DHL from Venezuela, estimated delivery time is about 2 weeks.

Lord's Prayer - Padre Nuestro - English & Spanish / 10 Pieces, 30mm

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