We are a family entrepreneurship!

We are a Venezuelan family who loves creating unique jewelry pieces that stand out in color and designs. It all began years ago, when I got into crafting, particularly in jewelry-making. So I started making chokers and bracelets for my daughter, who was six at the time. I made so many, I asked my cousin to sell them to his friends in college, but they liked them so much they started asking for more pieces! That’s how I turned my hobby into a business! I started researching, learning new techniques and trying different designs.

As I got more involved, my husband and I started selling jewelry products (findings, beads, cords...) in Venezuela for about 7 years. Unfortunately, though, Venezuela’s economy began to rapidly deteriorate and a political turmoil was on the way. Our business went down-hill from there - we had to stop. It was hard, we had lost all the work we had done so far and getting back seemed very difficult.

Then, one day my cousins gave me a bracelet with a laser engraved acrylic charm. I loved how it look, it was love at first sight! We remembered our first days of jewelry making and decided to give it another try, so my husband and I started researching on the process of making that type of charms. We ended up looking for laser cutting machines and decided to start our own business making laser-cut acrylic charms. Fast-Forward to today and we’ve been making acrylic charms for over 3 years and always to try make everyday better than the one before!

We also care for environmental impact, so we have been taking the steps in order to ensure that our activity produces as little impact as possible. For this reason, we have an air extractor machine in order not to contribute for to air pollution. At the same time, because we know acrylic is a very particular material, we make sure that the unused remains are recycled in a specialized plant, and that way we also contribute to the job openings in the industry that Venezuelans so much need.

Every member of the family plays a valuable role in the creative and logistical process of jewelry-making. My two teens, my parents, and my husband all take part into making sure this family dream grows everyday.

We love being creative and making our costumer very happy, and appreciate their preference on our products!

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