Beautiful (20-30mm, 0.8-1.2in) 10 jewelry charms made of laser-cut acrylic.
10 Christmas charms in the colors shown in the picture.

Celebrate Christmas is finally here with these beautiful charms. Each and every one of them is different than the other, and they all have a colorful touch to your creations. Start turning them into jewelry to give as gifts to your loved ones! 

- Each measures approx. 20-30mm, 0.8-1.2in wide.
- 2mm or 3mm (0.08 - 0.12in) thick.
- You will receive 10 mixed color charms.

Check out our other creations! We have stunning designs and colors. 

Note: Because we care for sustainability, all of our products are made in an environmentally-friendly manner by making sure we don't contribute to air pollution while using the laser machine and having the remains of unused acrylic material properly recycled in a specialized plant.

Christmas Set of Charms / 10 Pieces, 20-30mm

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