Gorgeous 20x10mm (0.8x0.4in) jewelry tags made of laser-cut material, etched with your choice of words, name or even your logo.

Add a personalized touch to your jewelry! You can turn them into necklaces, earrings, keychains or you can add them to knit them to your clothes. These are perfect if you have a company or business and want to build a team spirit vibe amongst your coworkers!.

- Each measure approx. 20x10mm (0.8x0.4in) wide.
- 2mm or 3mm (0.08 -0.12 in) thickness.
- Let us know where you want the hole to be placed

How do we work:
- Upload your design or logo. Please make sure it has great resolution and it doesn't have too many details, keep in mind space is limited, and the simplest designs always turn out best.
- If your logo has any font, let us know in the "custom message" section the font name. 
- In the "custom message", let us know the shape you desire (rectangle, circle, triangle, oval...) and where and how many holes you want. 

- You will get by email a digital sample and a physical sample (if you request it) by pictures for your approval before we engrave or cut the tags.
- Once you're happy with your design, we start our cutting process.
- Then we ship!

If this isn't your first time working with us: Just upload a picture of the charms we made for you!

For custom orders we usually ship in 1-2 weeks.

Check out our other creations! We have stunning designs and colors. 

Note: Because we care for sustainability, all of our products are made in an environmentally-friendly manner by making sure we don't contribute to air pollution while using the laser machine and having the remains of unused acrylic material properly recycled in a specialized plant. 

Custom tags 20x10mm (0.8x0.4in) for jewelry, knitted clothing or accessories

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